In returning to California, the first thing I had to do was pick up my cat and get her to San Jose to stay with me.  I booked a Southwest flight for myself and also a one way pet fare ($95).  Southwest is pretty chill about pets in the cabin. As of now the rule is that you must book ahead, and check in with the pet the day of travel. I didn’t even need to show them my vaccination page.

First Phase: The Car Ride in the Carrier

I decide to go to the airport extra early because I wasn’t sure of the shenanigans she was going to get into.  I had put the carrier out by her favorite chill spot the day before. Jade didn’t seem to care about this one way or another.  I pick up the cat and boom, drop her into the bag and quickly zip it up as she tries to shove her head out of the opening.

Once we got in the car, she started to let me know she was annoyed. Meow. Meow. Meow. So I let her out and had her sit in my lap.

Second Phase: The Airport and Security with my Feline Friend

Once we got to the airport, she was pretty good. Just a meow every now and again to let me know she was not feeling the airport. The check-in took about 2 minutes.  Southwest Airlines took my money and put a tag on the carrier. Boom. End Checkin Process. So easy.

The security check was pretty fun. There was no line in security and I had TSA precheck so I didn’t need to take off my shoes. I grabbed the bag and took Jade out of the carrier and walked through. Then I had to stand there holding Jade as she looked puzzled. Her little body dangling down. Some lady said, ” wow, my cat would never be so chill,” I felt like we bonded of crazy cat lady life. Little did anyone know the trouble ahead of me.

I get to the gate and then sit there eating a burrito. I keep Jade on my lap and she seems pretty content.


The Main Event of the Evening: The Flight

I have an A group boarding pass, but I go straight to the back row. I get comfy and have Jade in the carrier, but on my lap. She’s meowing at a level 3 (out of 10).  The plane fills up and some poor soul is seated in the aisle seat next to me. I feel bad for him. He doesn’t even know whats about to happen.


We take off. Jade is now under the seat. Her meow level is 7. A constant, repeating, loud and annoying MEOW. M_E_O_W. She’s not messing around. She’s upset. We get to a stable altitude and I take the carrier on my lap and put my hand in it. As if thats going to ease her nervousness.

The flight is a little more than an hour, and the whole plane has been subjected to a constant meow like alarm clock. The flight attendant looks at me and says “Meow. Anything to drink?”  I give him a sad head shake no in return. God have mercy on my soul.

Landing. Dear God. Level 10 out of 10 meowing. I’m guessing her EARS are jacked. She’s frantic. As soon as we land I pick up the carrier and realized she’s soiled herself. Pee all over. I try to make her stop moving in the carrier to prevent the spread of urine everywhere. I get up and go to the bathroom. The flight attendants are nice and let me jump in. I take her out of the carrier and begin to wipe her down with every paper towel I can get out of the bathroom. I take the soiled pee pads and toss them into the trash. I take out my spare pee pad and line the carrier. She’s kinda dry now and I put her back in.

By the time I get out, everyone is off the plane. I walk with Jade in the carrier to the baggage claim. There people come up to me and ask if the cat is ok. People sitting in the middle could hear the wrath. At least people are joking around and no one seems to be mad about it. All in good fun, right?

Jade is about a level 1 on meowing on the way back to my sister’s place. She’s too tired to keep the fight up. We get home and I set out some water, food and liter. She passes out on the couch next to me.

Good news! she survived and I think this was better than me driving 8 hours with her in the car.

Thank you southwest for a pleasant and survivable trip!!