Looking for Scuba Gear or Recommendations for Scuba Equipment? I thought I would put together a list of my favorites so that people can see what I’m using.  I’ve been diving since 2009 and have slowly started accumulating gear and testing it out, so these are my recommended best buys for scuba gear.

My Scuba Gear List

  • Scuba Mask
  • Scuba Snorkel
  • Scuba Fins
  • Regulator
  • Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)
  • Scuba Wetsuit
  • Scuba Drysuit
  • Scuba Knife
  • Dive Computer
  • Scuba Flashlight / Scuba Torch
  • Weights

Scuba diving is fun and can be done if you prefer to rent gear. However, most people find that each time you rent gear its about $100, while if you have all the gear you only need to pay for air fils $10.  The top choice for scuba diving, would be to test out rental gear to see what you do and don’t like, then spend the money on your own equipment.

The First purchase any scuba diver makes is the mask and snorkel. I’ve had the same mask since 2009 and am very happy with it. I do have a backup mask thats  a different style, but its part of my scuba gear because you don’t want to lose your mask and not be able to dive. I also find it useful to lend to friends when they are doing a discover scuba diving (DSD) course.

For snorkels, I’ve had different ones over the course of the years. My first snorkel was the cheapest snorkel I could buy for my PADI Open Water Course. The next snorkel purchase was because I lost my snorkel due to an incorrect exit after a shore diver with big waves.  My current snorkel is a roll up snorkel I store in my pocket in case someone requires it during a dive.