Dive.Is Undergarments

Ok so it’s been longer than my first week, but I’ve been meaning to put together stuff for the first week.  Working for scuba is really different from engineering. Like the opposite world different. It’s stressful if different ways, and rewarding in different ways.

When I wake up for Engineering, I drag myself out of bed and then start mentally preparing for the meeting and projects I need to do that day. For Diving, I physically prepare myself. Eat Breakfast, dress warm, making sure I have the right gear and food for the day.

Am I a servant?! Ok I’m exaggerating. I don’t really feel like a servant. I’ve learned that each Dive Instructor does things slightly differently. Some like their gear packed OCD like, some couldn’t give a crap as long as it made it to the dive site. I’m easily adaptable and take it all with a positive attitude.

Short on time: I’ve had very little time to complete the dive master manual knowledge reviews during the work week. On my days off I need to do more homework. The days seem to fly by. I’m enjoying the diving and meeting new people. If I could give a note to myself a week ago, it would have been-

Dear Leslie,

Make a schedule so that you have time for knowledge reviews and having some Icelandic Fun.

Your future self,

Divemaster Leslie