Dive.Is Divemaster program advertises the “opportunity to join dive expeditions to a number of locations around the country.” Dive Expeditions (part of Dive.Is) organizes 3, 5, and 10 day tours around Iceland.

Recently a fellow DMT was able to go on a 5 day tour to the West Fjords and Northern Iceland.His trip included Strytan- the only location in the world where you can dive a Geothermal Chimney/cone.

Unfortunately for me- my program ends before the next trip starts.  (insert sad scuba tears here)

A note for future DMTs at Dive.Is!!!! Check the expeditions as soon as you arrive. I wasn’t informed about this experience until another DMT was on his trip.  By then, my DMT program only had less than 1 month left, and little time to join such a fun opportunity.

Here is a picture of instructor Patrik enjoying Strytan.

strytan geothermal cone

Strytan is the only geothermal cone found in the world you can scuba dive to, the others are found at 2000m or deeper.